The Center for Environmental Fear Mongering Health (CEH) released a report containing a slew of distortions and competitively-motivated claims about PVC pipe.  Here’s what CEH conceals in its irresponsible attempt to mislead readers:


PVC pipe’s safety is well documented.

All PVC pipes in circulation adhere to a strict national standard (NSF 61) to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water. In fact, all pipe materials are tested and screened under this rigid standard. CEH’s claims are merely designed to incite fear, when the facts show PVC pipes are entirely safe for their intended use.


PVC pipe is more durable and affordable than ductile iron pipe – its closest competitor – by a long shot.

PVC pipe has twice the expected lifespan of ductile iron pipe. And it’s far less expensive for municipalities to use.


The life cycle sustainability benefits of PVC pipe are indisputable.

PVC pipe is lighter to transport, requires fewer resources to install, demands fewer machines to manage, and uses less energy because it needs fewer repairs over its lifetime.   It is unquestionably the better environmental choice.


The iron pipe industry has spent millions lobbying its agenda, far more than the PVC pipe industry.¹

Since 2012, the iron pipe industry has spent over $2.3 million to push their political agenda. And that doesn’t include lobbying expenses by the individual iron pipe companies. Didn’t see that anywhere in CEH’s report.


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