The dialogue on vinyl, too often, has become one-sided and factually distorted.  

As you will see from this site, Vinyl is a remarkable, versatile, durable, and economical material, that has successfully substituted for the use of many other materials. Because of this, a select number of competitive interests and agenda-driven activists have advanced a dishonest campaign to mislead consumers, and deny them their right to make their own decisions about vinyl. They have engaged in an irresponsible pattern of attacks across the material’s entire value chain of products, where many routinely;

  • Mischaracterize the facts to scare the consumer public.

  • Intimidate retailers into deselecting vinyl materials and products – and do so simply to avoid being vilified, regardless of how unfounded the claims may be.

  • Herald the precautionary principle – a reckless deselection standard that often leads to regrettable substitutes – as a noble public policy pursuit; and

  • Co-opt, or actively collude with, allies in the press who regularly forsake their own industry journalism standards to advance the activist viewpoint.

These actions have long been intellectually deceitful. But in recent years they have crossed the line and have become harmful, at the expense of consumer safety, efficacy and efficiency. Activists and competing industries have lurched from simple hyperbole and brazen street-theater stunts into an influence machine that now casts real danger on the consumer public.

And some in the media bear equal responsibility, too. Stories are no longer scrutinized for accuracy and balance. Reporters have dismissed the very rules that were designed to ensure fairness and objectivity. The activist perspective has become so entrenched in vinyl coverage that industry representatives are rarely contacted for comment, resulting in the endless perpetuation of misleading and unverified claims.

When we see misleading stories or inaccurate statements about vinyl, we have a moral responsibility to set the record straight. That means pointing out inaccuracies, omissions and flawed data, exposing collusion between activists and press when it exists, and calling out stories that are unjustly slanted.

That’s why we built this platform, Vinyl Verified®.  We will use it to confront unfounded or inaccurate assertions about vinyl, when they occur, and in real time.  

We do not seek, nor would we expect, the press to exclusively cover the positive attributes of vinyl material. 

But …

  • When agenda-driven interests misrepresent the facts about vinyl, and reporters fail to correct the record, we will call it out.

  • When activist groups willfully mislead the public about vinyl for ideological or hidden financial reasons, we will expose it.

  • When members of the press do not fulfill their obligations to hold the activist community or competitors accountable to same level of scrutiny as industry, we will do it for them.

  • And when news articles fail to be objective, balanced, properly sourced and accurate in their descriptions of vinyl, we will specify where they fall short and demand accountability.

An honest debate on vinyl requires transparency by all parties who seek to be a part of the discussion.  It cannot be restricted to industry alone; it must include activists and members of the press, alike. And it’s precisely this reason why we created this forum.

Vinyl ranks among some of the most innovative man-made materials the world has ever known.  Its diverse applications are wide-ranging, from building materials, to car interiors to everyday consumer goods.  Even essential medical supplies are derived from its unique composition.  Vinyl products make people safer, offer convenience and comfort like few other materials can – and provide cost-efficient solutions that advance human productivity each and every day. And as the nation looks to upgrade its worn out water infrastructure, there is no more sustainable and durable material than PVC pipe, which does not corrode or leach lead into drinking water.

Consumers should be allowed to make their own choices about the products they purchase. And the free market has shown that public demand for vinyl material has never been greater.   Consumers know products containing vinyl offer unmatched durability, and can be relied upon to deliver consistent performance, year-after-year.  

Sadly, these attributes are rarely noted in today’s conversation about vinyl.  So we intend to shine a bright light on future news coverage, activist commentary and competitive mischaracterizations about our materials. And we hope you will visit this site regularly for continued updates, as we endeavor to correct the record and drive a more responsible discourse about vinyl moving forward.