Dear Mr. Mann, 

My name is Dick Doyle, and I am the President & CEO of The Vinyl Institute.  I am following up on my letter to Michelle Tennis on May 2, 2016 highlighting the inaccurate and misleading characterizations about vinyl contained in an April 7, 2016 white paper promoted by Medical Construction & Design Magazine (MCDM) on behalf of its paid sponsor Nora, a rubber flooring manufacturer. 

Ms. Tennis told us that she forwarded my inquiry to you on May 2, 2016.  For convenience, I have attached a copy text of my letter to Ms. Tennis.  You may also find a copy of it posted on our website

It’s been over a week and we still haven’t heard from you.  I realize you are very busy, but we do hope you will take our inquiry seriously, as I trust we share a mutual interest to ensure your readers have the facts about the issues your publication covers and promotes.  

We certainly value this mission, as it’s the reason we’re writing you and seeking your action on this matter.  We hope you do as well, although we remain surprised to see that MCDM still has not taken action to remove this white paper from the website.

We eagerly await your response to our stated concerns in our May 2, 2016 letter.  Specifically, we’d like to know what MCDM’s procedures are in confirming the accuracy of the white papers it promotes to its readers on behalf of its advertisers.  And we reiterate our request to have this white paper immediately removed from MCDM, and that the Magazine send a proactive correction to its subscribers who received the original advertisement, to ensure readers are not misled.

We look forward to your prompt response to these important questions.


Thanks,Richard Doyle
President & CEO
The Vinyl Institute

See our letter to the editors HERE.